5th Workshop on Air Shower Detection at High Altitude

26-28 May, 2014, Paris, France


 In recent years ground-based gamma-ray astronomy has experienced a major breakthrough with impressive astrophysical results. Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes such H.E.S.S., MAGIC, and VERITAS, combined to large field-of-view particle detectors such as ARGO-YBJ, Tibet ASγ, and MILAGRO, have demonstrated the great potential of high-energy gamma observations not only to Astrophysics but also to the fields of Particle Physics and Cosmology. Several new ground-based experiments are currently planned or being constructed: CTA, HAWC, HiSCORE, and LHAASO, promising interesting new physics results and an even brighter high-energy gamma sky.

The aim of the 5th Workshop on Air Shower Detection at High Altitude is to review the recent results obtained in the gamma-ray Astronomy and to discuss the complementarities of the new pointing and large field-of-view experiments. The related observations of cosmic rays and neutrinos will also be reviewed and their links to the gamma-ray observations will be



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